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Saturday 26th Oct 2019

If you, or anyone you know, would like to hold a stall in our marketplace for our upcoming maternity Open days, please send your details to [email protected]

Hurstville Private Hospital and Lovekins come together to bring new mums and bubs first class care.

As of August 2019, organic baby and skincare supplier, Lovekins will supply Hurstville Maternity Unit with their Super Absorbent Premium Nappies.

Lovekins Premium Newborn nappies are made with natural Australian cotton providing a top sheet layer of luxurious comfort for baby’s delicate soft skin. The Super absorbent inner and outer layers offer extra breathability, keeping baby dry and protected.

The new initiative has been received well by both midwives and patients, with the Midwives at Hurstville Maternity understanding the importance of a good quality nappy. Lovekins nappies are free from chlorine, fragrances and toxic dyes, giving parents with newborns with allergies an alternative to other common brand nappies.