Admission Process

Admission packages are available through your Obstetrician or from the reception desk at Hurstville Private Hospital.

Please ensure you complete your admission package where possible immediately or at least 4 months prior to your admission date. This is important in order to confirm your hospital booking and to confirm your health fund policy will cover your admission.

You can complete your admission online via our Online Admission Platform.

In some cases, the doctor will book you in for the next day. In these cases it’s imperative that you contact us as soon as possible 02 9579 7777 and speak to the admissions staff to confirm your personal details, health fund cover, admission time and all specifics relating to your hospital stay

Confirm Cost Coverage

Contact your health fund to confirm exactly what costs will be covered.

Phone a midwife

Do not hesitate to contact our midwife on (02) 9579 7731 if you think you are in labour / if your membranes rupture / if you have any bleeding / if you have a decrease in baby movements / if you are experiencing regular painful contractions / if your are experiencing any of the above and/or are under 37 weeks pregnant.

Please phone ahead on (02) 9579 7731 prior to arriving to the hospital and speak with the midwife. Our midwives are available 24/7 to answer any enquiries you may have regarding your pregnancy, labour and the hospital.

Contacting us prior to your arrival provides the opportunity for the midwife to assess your progress and prepare for your pending arrival to the hospital.

Entry to the hospital is via our main reception area; enter via the driveway access on 37 Gloucester Road.

Afterhours you will be required to use the intercom system located on the wall immediately outside our main reception doors

What to bring:

  • Antenatal record
  • Medicare card
  • Health fund card
  • Pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers
  • Casual comfortable clothing (day wear) including underwear
  • Toiletries including soap, toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Maternity pads and nursing pads
  • Music player
  • A case / container for your glasses or contact lens (contact solution)

For Partner/Support Person

  • Changes of clothes
  • Toiletries including soap, toothbrush and toothpaste)
  • Jumper
  • Swimmers (for use in the shower / bath)

For Baby

  • Formula, bottles and teats if you are not breast feeding
  • Baby wipes / Wet ones / Additional nappies
  • An outfit to wear home
  • Car seat

What not to Bring

MONEY/JEWELLERY/VALUABLES We recommend you leave all valuables such as jewellery and large amounts of cash at home as we cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen property. We would suggest all excess payments or co-payments are paid immediately upon arrival to the hospital relieving you of carrying cash during your stay. We also recommend you remove all nail polish.

Going home with your baby

You may go home with your support person once your Obstetrician is satisfied with your progress. Vaginal delivery 3 – 4 days and a Caesarian section 4 – 5 days. Those requesting to be discharged earlier will need to consult with their Obstetrician for approval. Discharge time is strictly 10am to enable us to prepare the room for incoming admissions. We are able to accommodate you in our lounge should your transportation arrangement differ from our discharge time. Please ensure your transport home has been fitted with a child safety seat. Our nursing staff will provide you with a follow up appointment with your Obstetrician, your baby’s follow up appointment with the paediatrician and the contact details for your nearest early childhood centre. Any post vaginal delivery / post caesarean instructions specific to you should be discussed with your Obstetrician or midwife prior to departing the ward.

Ensure you take all personal belongings, medications, x-rays and scans, flowers and discharge documents with you. Approximately 6 weeks after your discharge you will receive a telephone call from one of our maternity staff members. This is a courtesy call to check on your progress and enquire about your care.