Childbirth and Parenting Classes

pre-natal classes at Hurstville Maternity

Face to Face Antenatal Classes Returning to Hurstville Maternity but Only after Lockdown lifts again (estimated late July 2021)

You’ll need to register as spots are limited.

Our lovely Midwives from Hurstville Maternity will be educating our Mums and Dads to be, with what to expect leading up to the birth of your baby, the delivery of your baby and parenthood. A Cell Care educator will also be presenting to give you some information about storing your baby’s stem cells.

Contact our pre-admissions clerk on 02 9579 7786 for more details and to secure your spot today.

Online Childbirth And Parenting Classes​

Hurstville Maternity have teamed up with premium online antenatal classes, Birthbeat. 

Our outpatient education provides information and support throughout the entire pregnancy is vital for you and your family.

Our classes are open to any expectant mums and their partners, to help them understand pregnancy, delivery and the transition to becoming parents.

All classes are conducted by our qualified midwifery educators – and because of COVID-19 restrictions are now held are online, by Birthbeat

Classes cover topics such as:

  • Pregnancy concerns
  • Stages of labour and birth
  • Obstetric interventions
  • Pain relief
  • Role of the support person and helpful ideas
  • Postnatal care of mum
  • Breastfeeding
  • Formula feeding and sterilizing
  • Newborn characteristics and their patterns of behaviour and communication
  • Care of your newborn
  • Parenting skills
  • Sleep and settling techniques
  • Tests while in hospital
  • Community support

Baby CPR Classes now available with Parent Medic

Online classes now available

Does your baby need a doctor, an ambulance or home care? Learn these newborn first aid essentials and you’ll always know what to do. 

Hurstville Maternity and The Parentmedic Movement believe every parent deserves access to a health education program that will empower them to keep their newborn safe, understand baby first aid and health recommendations for common illnesses for your child.

Mandarin Pre and Postnatal Classes

Pre and Postnatal classes available

Little Whales offer the following classes in Mandarin
  • 多胎妊娠与分娩Multiple pregnancy class
  • 哺乳期的母乳喂养Breastfeeding and lactation
  • 出院回家坐月子Transition from hospital to home
  • 宝宝洗澡与安抚Baby bath & massage
  • 宝宝睡眠与安抚 Baby Sleep & settling
  • 祖父母澳洲培训 Grandparents participation & training

Postnatal Education

Important postnatal programs for new mothers

We provide a series of education classes during your stay, designed for new and previous mums in mind.

Classes include Breastfeeding, Physiotherapy, sleep and settling techniques, baby bath demonstrations and going home / life with a newborn baby.

Inpatient Education

Learn about looking after your baby

As a new mother, you can learn more actively when your baby first arrives. We offer timely and relevant inpatient education for our private patients
baby born at Hurstville Maternity
  • Classes include
  • Breastfeeding,
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Sleep and settling techniques
  • Baby bath demonstrations
  • Going home
  • Life with a newborn baby

Maternity Unit Tours


If you or anyone you know, plan on visiting Hurstville Private Hospital, please note that there are now heavy restrictions in place regarding who is permitted in the hospital and when.

The safety and well being of our mums and babies is of the utmost importance. All maternity tours are temporarily cancelled until further notice.