Self Funded Maternity Care

If You’re Pregnant Without Health Insurance – What’s The Cost Of Having A Baby At A Private Hospital?

Calculating the cost of having a baby at a private hospital can be difficult and frustrating. There are so many factors affecting whether you’ll be covered for delivering your baby in a private hospital.

Self Funded Maternity Cover at Hurstville Maternity

Some of the factors whether you’re covered for private maternity include:

  • Whether you have private health insurance at all.
    If you become pregnant without private health insurance, there’s currently no way of getting instant private health cover for pregnancy and birth related expenses in Australia.
  • Whether you’ve served out the waiting period for pregnancy
    When you take out private insurance for pregnancy, it’s usually a year before the health insurance cover kicks in to cover private care for delivery.
  • The level of private health cover
    Most importantly, since April 2019, there is a government requirement for all health insurers to comply with a new tiered system, simplified to Bronze, Silver and Gold. Pregnancy, IVF and and birth are covered only in the Silver Plus and the Gold tiers of private health insurance.

Self funded Maternity Cover Package

Hurstville Maternity offers a self-insured option for women seeking private hospital care. Our Self Funded Maternity Cover package can include:

  • Four nights Accommodation Packages
  • Private single room with ensuite
  • Individual care in Delivery suite
  • Elective Caesarean Section
  • In-house Post-Natal education
  • Antenatal and Childbirth classes
  • Gourmet meals
  • 24 hr telephone advice service

Additional charges apply for:

  • Special care nursery if your baby requires special care
  • Separate accounts from your doctor, paediatrician, anaesthetist, pathology and radiologist
  • Medication and pharmacy items
  • Additional surgical procedures
  • Partner meals
To confirm your booking, the full amount will need to be paid 4 weeks prior to your due date.

Hurstville Maternity Self funded Private Hospital Rates

Package for private hospital maternity delivery

Hurstville Maternity is excited to offer a self-funded, self-insured maternity package – perfect for women and families without private health insurance, or those who haven’t got the right tier of private health insurance cover.

Hurstville Maternity self funded maternity Cover rates

Four Night Accommodation Package Includes​

  • Item numbers: 16519 & 16520
  • Vaginal Delivery / Caesarean Section
  • Accommodation: 4 Night Stay (no refund for early discahrge)
  • $6,500.00

Included services

  • Complimentary CTG’s
  • Complimentary Antenatal Classes
  • Face-to-face Antenatal Classes
  • Partners stay free
  • Photography session and free print
  • Paediatrician management fee
  • ICU Admission 

Additional Length of Stay for Four Night Accommodation Package

  • $1,000 per night – after the 4th night

Other costs associated with Your Admission


  • Obstetricians Management Fee – Please consult with discuss with your chosen Obstetrician
Additional days or services as required, listed here, are charged in addition to 4 Night Stay self-insured maternity rates packages
  • Anaesthetist – Costs vary – up to $2,000
  • Day Assessment: $250.00 per admission
  • Antenatal Admission: $1,000.00 per night
  • Special Care Nursery Admission: $1,500.00 (per night / per baby)

Why have your baby at a private hospital?

There are a number of reasons to consider private hospital care

Seeing the same obstetrician / midwives during your pregnancy checkups
The importance of antenatal care is well known – and associated with positive outcomes for the mother and child and increases the
likelihood of receiving effective health interventions. It is particularly effective when started in the first trimester (before 14 weeks gestation), which often leads to better maternal health in pregnancy, fewer interventions in late pregnancy and positive health outcomes for the child (AIHW 2018; DoH 2018).

Whilst public hospitals offer antenatal support, the public health system can’t guarantee you’ll see the same midwives or obstetricians each time you visit.

Giving birth in a private hospital means you can choose your obstetrician, who is accredited to work at Hurstville Maternity. If you haven’t booked your obstetrician already, please refer to our obstetrician team.

You have health concerns for you and/or your baby
If you have any health concerns such as having an ongoing thyroid condition, low or high blood pressure issues, any autoimmune disorders or any other health factors which need monitoring, giving birth at a private hospital will give you the additional support you may need. By seeing the same doctor and midwives, you will have the level of ongoing health monitoring and advice you need to give you peace of mind.

You can choose to have a caesarian section
While the majority of women have babies full-term, via vaginal delivery, whether babies are induced or not, there are many birth complications including excessively long labors which result in emergency caesarians.

In a private hospital, you can choose to have a caesarian, known as an elective caesarian. Once you’ve discussed and confirmed your choice with your obstetrician, you’ll be booked in to have the procedure on or just prior to your due date, with a clear timeline given about your checkin/arrival time, anaesthetist’s meeting, epidural administration and theatre time for delivery.

Choosing your paediatrician
Paediatricians may or may not be required or present at a public hospital birth delivery. Please be aware that all babies delivered at Hurstville Private are automatically under the care of a Paediatrician. A paediatrician will be allocated to you after your baby is born, or you can request one.
All Paediatrician’s have their own billing rights. Paediatrician fees are in addition to hospital fees (much like your Obstetrician fees), we suggest that you discuss this fee with the paediatrician.
If you would like a list of our Paediatrician’s accredited to work here at Hurstville Private, please review Paediatrician team members here.

Private hospital maternity checklist

If you have a health fund, we recommend you call your health fund at least three months prior to expected delivery date to confirm the details of your policy and the precise level of cover

Suggested questions to ask your Private Health fund:

  • During the call, we advise you inform the health fund you are having a baby in a private hospital, as baby may need to be added pending
  • What is my level of cover called?
  • Has my waiting period been served for maternity?
  • Will I be covered if my baby comes prior to my due date?
  • Does this level of cover, cover me for pregnancy in a private hospital?
  • Do I have any excess / co-payments with my plan?
  • Will my membership cover my baby if they are admitted to Special Care Nursery?
  • Do I need to add baby pending to my policy prior to due date, if admitted to special care nursery?
  • Will my Baby incur an excess or co-payment for admission to Special Care Nursery?
  • Is my baby covered should they require transfer to a Level 3 Nursery in another hospital?

Whist you are speaking with your fund we suggest you check how your cover will assist you with other expenses that you may incur during your stay in hospital, such as:

  • Obstetrician Fees
  • Paediatrician Fees
  • Anaesthetists Fees
  • Pathology/ Chemist/Xrays or Scan Fees

Hurstville Maternity Self Funded Maternity Cover

Package benefits

Our maternity package includes many extras, designed to the delivery of your baby special and to make you and your partner feel pampered and looked after.

These extras are included in our self-funded maternity packages:
  • Dads/partners stay free – in a purpose built day bed which converts to an overnight bed in your private room
  • Physiotherapist for the duration of your stay
  • Dietician
  • Lactation specialist
  • Scans and imaging during the duration of your stay
  • Organic nappies
  • Newborn baby photography
  • Childbirth & Parenting Classes conducted by our qualified midwifery educators
  • Baby and Child CPR course
  • Access to a Family lounge

Hurstville Maternity Delivery Suites are at the centre of your self-funded private hospital maternity stay.

Our stylish and modern Delivery Suites, cater for antenatal assessments right through to your labour and birth of your baby. Enjoy the stunning Sydney, Blue Mountains and Hurstville views when you have your baby at Hurstville Maternity’s unit at the penthouse level of the hospital. Each delivery suite is spacious, private, comfortable and equipped with the most sophisticated technology, designed to cater to every individual birthing choice.

Our features include:

  • Neonatal resuscitation cots
  • Central fetal monitoring system
  • Ensuite with bath and shower
  • Day beds
  • Flat screen TV
  • Panoramic views
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Therapeutic comfort tools such as, birth balls and heat packs
  • Kitchenette for you and your support people
  • Access to the Hurstville Maternity onsite Special Care Nursery, offering level 2 tertiary hospital care
Hurstville Maternity’s additional hospital facilities include:

Free Wi-Fi Access
On admission all patients will be given their unique access codes to our complimentary Wi-Fi service.

Onsite Pharmacy
Hurstville Maternity has a full pharmacy onsite, located on level 1.

Café on site
Hudsons café is located on the ground floor, by the main entrance to Hurstville Private hospital, featuring both indoors and outside seating.

Hospital visitor parking
Hurstville Maternity has onsite paid parking for visitors to the maternity suite, located underneath the hospital, accessed via entry on Millett Street.