Providing excellence in Obstetric Services for more than 27 years

Our commitment to continuing and excelling in patient care is the focus of our experienced staff.
We are known for our unique approach to Maternity care, as well as the home-like atmosphere we aim to create for you and your family.

Supporting families through their pregnancy, delivery and care of their newborns is our priority.

Booking Information

At your first appointment with your chosen Obstetrician (who is accredited to Hurstville Private) you will be given a Hurstville Private Admission Package.

You can choose to fill out the manual form and send it to the hospital (either by mail or in person) or complete your admission and health history on-line.

Once your admission is processed, you will receive a confirmation letter from us. Should any of your details change, please notify our Maternity Admissions Officer on 9579-786.

In some cases your obstetrician will book you in for admission immediately. In these cases it is imperative that you contact us as soon as possible to confirm your personal details, health fund cover, admission times and all specifics relating to your hospital stay.

Preparing for Your Stay

Our midwives are contactable at any time, should you need advice. Please call The Delivery Suite on 9579-7731, if your obstetrician is not available.
When to present at Hurstville Maternity:
  • If you think you are in labour
  • If your membranes rupture
  • If you have bleeding
  • If you have a decrease in baby movements
  • If you are experiencing regular painful contractions

We ask that all patients to contact us prior to your arrival at our hospital. Contacting us provides the opportunity for the midwife to assess your concerns and prepare for your pending arrival.

Please remember to have your antenatal card with you, at all times. Your antenatal card gives us critical information about you and your pregnancy.

For security reasons, from 9pm till 6am you will find the hospital main entrance doors locked. Please use the intercom system at the main entrance and you will be admitted immediately.

For all your admission enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our Maternity Admissions Officer on 9579-7786.

What to pack

For you:

  • Antenatal card
  • All personal toiletries (soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo)
  • PJ’s and slippers
  • Casual comfortable clothing and footwear
  • Underwear
  • Maternity pads (2 or more packs)
  • Energy drinks and light snacks
  • Camera
  • IPod or IPhone (for music) and chargers

For your baby:

  • Formula, bottles and teats if you are not breastfeeding
  • Going home outfit and wrap

A correctly fitted Australian Standards Approved Car Seat, for your newborn is also essential for a safe journey home. Please have the car seat fitted prior to your admission date, as your hospital stay and discharge time will not be changed for that reason.

Labour and Birth

Delivery Suites

Our stylish and modern Delivery Suites cater for antenatal assessments right through to your labour and birth of your baby.

Each delivery suite is spacious, private, comfortable and equipped with the most sophisticated technology, designed to cater to every individual birthing choice.

Our features include:

  • Neonatal resuscitation cots
  • Central fetal monitoring system
  • Ensuite with bath and shower
  • Day beds
  • Flat screen TV
  • Panoramic views
  • Free Wi-Fi

Delivery Suite is a restricted visiting area. You may have 2 support people only. Please be advised that those 2 support people are not interchangeable and visitors will not be granted access, during your time in Delivery Suite.

Operating Theatre Complex

Our brand new state of the art operating theatre complex, consist of 8 fully integrated operating theatres that support our Delivery Suites, for the safe arrival of your baby.

Intensive Care Unit

Our brand new state of the art 7 bed Intensive Care Unit, supports our Maternity Unit, for the specialised and critical care of our mums, should the need arise.

Special Care Nursery

Our Special Care Nursery is a 10 cot, level 2 nursery. Licenced to cater to all your newborns special and individualised needs, if the situation presents.

Babies who require higher levels of care (tertiary hospital, level 3 nursery) are stabilised in our nursery, then transferred to a tertiary nursery with NETS (NSW Newborn Emergency transport Service). Our babies are able to be transferred back to our nursery as soon as they graduate to level 2 care.

Each cot is spacious and private and well equipped with modern technology to cater for your newborns special needs. Parents and family are able to visit their newborn in our comfortable and light filled nursery.


Hand washing

As Special Care Nursery babies are vulnerable to infection, it is important to reduce this risk. Hands carry bacteria (germs) on the skin. Bacteria are found on every surface you touch and can cause an infection in newborn babies, especially sick babies as their defence systems for fighting infection are not fully developed. All visitors are asked to wash their hands on entry to the nursery.

We also request that your visitors limit touching/handling of your baby. Unwell babies need as much rest as possible. Over handling can use up precious energy.

Caring for your baby

We understand that having a baby is a major life event and we are excited to be sharing this special time with you.

Our experienced Midwives are there to offer advice on feeding, caring for your baby and yourself and supporting you through your individualised needs.

Hurstville Maternity has long since established a rooming in policy. We encourage you to have your baby with you in your room 24 hours a day. This helps you develop confidence in caring for your baby, promote bonding, encourages lactation and allows you to gain knowledge of your baby’s behaviour and routine.

We provide a series of education classes during your stay, designed for new and previous mums in mind. Classes include Breastfeeding, Physiotherapy, sleep and settling, baby bath and going home / life with a newborn baby.

Length of stay

Your length of stay with us is a maximum of 5 days following a vaginal delivery and 6 days following a C/Section. The day that your baby arrives, is considered day 1, unrelated to the time baby arrived. You may wish to be discharged home sooner, if your obstetrician and paediatrician is satisfied with your and baby’s progress.

Our discharge time is 10.00am, to enable us to prepare the room for incoming admissions. We are able to accommodate you in our lounge areas, should your transportation arrangements differ from our discharge time.

Going home with your baby

You may go home with your support person once your Obstetrician is satisfied with your progress.

Vaginal delivery 3 – 4 days and a Caesarian section 4 – 5 days. 

Those requesting to be discharged earlier will need to consult with their Obstetrician for approval.

Discharge time is strictly 10am to enable us to prepare the room for incoming admissions. We are able to accommodate you in our lounge should your transportation arrangement differ from our discharge time. Please ensure your transport home has been fitted with a child safety seat. Our nursing staff will provide you with a follow up appointment with your Obstetrician, your baby’s follow up appointment with the paediatrician and the contact details for your nearest early childhood centre. Any post vaginal delivery / post caesarean instructions specific to you should be discussed with your Obstetrician or midwife prior to departing the ward.

Ensure you take all personal belongings, medications, x-rays and scans, flowers and discharge documents with you. Approximately 6 weeks after your discharge you will receive a telephone call from one of our maternity staff members. This is a courtesy call to check on your progress and enquire about your care.

Food and Hospitality

We are proud to say that we remain one of the few hospitals who still cook and cater on our premises. Hurstville Private offers a range of delicious gourmet meals for our maternity patients and their partners.

As personal food requirements may vary, please inform our staff on your admission. Your classification of food, will be set by your progress and your obstetricians preferences (for example a light diet or a clear fluid diet).

Partner Accommodation and Meals

We understand that most partners would like to stay overnight with their new baby and partner.

Partners stay free, and are provided meals for a small fee. Partners are accommodated on the room’s day bed and all linen

Additional meals are available for additional costs.

It is our expectation that your baby continues to room in with you and your partner overnight, to encourage bonding and parenting skills, in a supportive environment.

Please arrange this with our maternity staff, on admission.

Maternity High Tea

This is a chance for you and your partner to relax and indulge in a special celebratory high tea. We will pamper you with towers of cakes, sandwiches, pastries, fruit and sweets. Prepared all onsite by our chef, on honour of your newborn.


Your security and that of your newborn, is very important to us. At Hurstville Maternity we have implemented measures that will keep your family safe, such as

  • All newborns are gifted with personalised leg bands, for identification
  • We promote rooming in with your newborn
  • Our Delivery Suite and Special Care Nursery is constantly secured and access restricted
  • Our Antenatal and Postnatal Unit is open during visiting hours only and access restricted outside these times
  • The main hospital entrance doors are locked between 9pm to 6am. We have security guards on our premises to provide additional security and comfort
  • All Hurstville Private staff wear name identification badges, photo identification cards and wear hospital uniforms, specific to their department and role. We have a well established workforce, so you will be familiar with our staff, after the first few days

It is most important that you call ahead and speak to our midwives, prior to presenting at the hospital. Afterhours our staff need to identify you at the front entrance prior to granting access.